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Cherish Them.

Cherish Them.

Random Fact:
Arteries carry blood from the heart while veins return blood to it.

Isn’t it strange? Human emotion.

How our emotions dictate our behaviour. Sometimes I find emotion so difficult to comprehend. Especially at times when you feel the peak of happiness and the peak of sadness, all wrapped into one precise moment.

So in one ‘precise’ moment, you can feel a volcanic eruption in the form of happiness growing inside of you; streaming through your arteries, reaching every part of your body while teasing the very essence of your soul.

This one ‘precise’ moment.

And before you know it, before you’ve even had the slightest opportunity to consider it; you somehow manage to arouse the burning sensation that follows from such an eruption. The very same happiness that streamed through your arteries, is now returning to your heart via your veins, thickening like lava with every passing second. Suffocating you.


This is the feeling I get from goodbyes.



blogger, poems, poet, writer, writing

So, it’s taken  years for me to get here. Creating a blog, that is.

Ever said a word so many times, you forget its meaning? I’ve said ‘blog’ so many times, I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.

Anyways, it’s tradition to mention in your first post, the reasons as to why you decided to start up a blog and what you plan to do with it. So I guess it would be rude of me if I didn’t tell you a little about it. I guess I’ve always found it fascinating how you can put yourself out there, to the entire world. You can write a few posts on a regular basis and people get to connect with you. That’s pretty awesome! So why wouldn’t you blog right?

I guess the reason I haven’t done so up until now, is due to my flakiness. Flakiness, you ask? By that, I make reference to my lack of commitment to certain things. Or perhaps that’s a bit harsh, I ‘can’ be very committed. Maybe I’m simply referring to my pure and utter laziness!

In all honesty though, I’ve always wanted to start up a blog. However I’ve wanted it to be consistent with everything else that I do. For those of you who didn’t already know, I’m an aspiring writer, and wish to publish a book one day. So I want my journey to reflect consistency, in particular with regards to the name I use for myself.

I’ve been writing for years, so when I decided I wanted to share my writing, I decided to create a pseudonym. Planning the pseudonym took over my life, I looked up names for days, religiously researching their meanings so that my pseudonym could have a powerful meaning. Once I came up with the name (5 names long!) I let it sink in over a few days. But having pondered over it, I thought this isn’t me. Do I really need a pseudonym?

So in the end I decided against it, an chose to use my real name instead. I set up an instagram page, a youtube channel, a twitter page, to name a few, all with my name on them. However not long after, I began to realise that all these social media sites with my name on them were becoming too intrusive in respect of my personal life. So this only meant one thing- I needed to change it again!

This time, I decided to use my initials. And so far, I’m happy with the choice. Happy enough to have set up a blog using my initials. So I guess, the day I do become a published writer, ‘U.F. Shah’ is going to be the name printed on the cover. Still me, not a pseudonym but enough to keep my private life exactly that- private!

As for my plans for the blog, expect anything and everything!